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Beijing Dongke Group, which is a professional manufacture of one-stop service for candle making industry with more than 15 years. Founded 15 years ago, our company has advanced production equipment and professional technology, has a certain scale and strength, now has a skilled production, sales and after-sales service team, with excellent service quality, high-quality products for customers provide assurance.

The candle industry production line is the most basic supply system of our company. You can find all the high-quality products you need to make candles on our website.

Today, we will mainly share the most important candle raw materials for candle production that we can provide. It includes paraffin wax, soy wax, coconut oil wax, palm wax, gel wax, microcrystalline wax and stearic acid.

Paraffin wax is a by-product of petroleum refining.

It is usually separated from the wax fraction of crude oil. It requires atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation, solvent refining, solvent dewaxing and deoiling, hydrofining, molding and packaging. Refined.

Paraffin waxes are divided into food waxes, fully refined paraffin waxes, semi-refined paraffin waxes, crude paraffin waxes and soap waxes. Each category is divided into No. 52, No. 54, No. 56, No. 58, 60, No. 62, No. 64, No. 66, No. 68, No. 70 paraffin based on the melting point. At present, the production volume of paraffin wax above 64 is very small, but it can be provided.

Technical standards for fully refined waxes: The appearance of paraffin wax is white or light yellow crystals, and its chemical composition is a mixture of a variety of alkanes.

Soy wax refers to the wax produced from hydrogenated soybean oil.

It is the main raw material for making craft candles, essential oils and scented candles

The advantages of soybean wax: low price, cup wax does not fall off the cup, the column wax has a fast cooling speed, is easy to demould, does not crack, the pigment is evenly dispersed, and does not bloom.

Soy wax burns 30-50% longer than paraffin wax. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It will not produce carcinogens when burned, and the waste can be biodegradable. Save the heat source, which is beneficial to the safe production of the operators.

Microcrystalline wax, white amorphous amorphous solid wax, mainly composed of C31-70 branched saturated hydrocarbons, containing a small amount of cyclic and linear hydrocarbons, odorless and tasteless.

Microcrystalline wax is insoluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in hot ethanol, soluble in benzene, chloroform, ether, etc.; it is miscible with various mineral waxes, vegetable waxes and hot fatty oils.

Microcrystalline wax is mainly produced by refining the residue after petroleum fractionation as the raw material. Used for glazing agent, antirust agent, carbon paper, candle, packaging dipping and fruit coating of paste products; also used in cosmetics, crayons, shoe polish, various glazing waxes, etc.

Really hope that all the above information is helpful to you. If you are looking for the goods you need to know more information related to the wax material, please contact us directly for more details, the best price and free sample.

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