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Beijing Dongke Company's First Season Summary Conference

Hello everyone, the editor is here to bring you a new report. Beijing Dongke will hold the first quarter and second quarter work summary meeting in the Beijing office on April 17, 2021. It is divided into a morning session and an afternoon session.

The morning session includes our domestic trade department, logistics department, wine department, administrative department, financial department, and design and operation department.

The afternoon session includes our foreign trade department and purchasing department. The general process of the meeting is that each department first summarizes the work, then the deputy general manager summarizes, and finally the general manager summarizes.


As a participant in the afternoon session, the editor mainly broadcasts our work report for the afternoon session.

The first is that the three teams of the foreign trade department have made reports. Everyone mainly reported their own performance, analyzed customer composition and order details, and gave a summary of the basic operations of daily work, and then reviewed the problems of the work in this quarter, and finally looked forward to the work in the next quarter.

The editor summarized some of the more important views and ideas. For each department group, it is necessary to pay attention to the macro management, the team’s development and customer effects, the team review, and the team division of labor.

Every week, I need to analyze the five more important intent but unsold customers, and try to avoid the problem of nurturing faults. For the personal performance of the team, you need to master many aspects, such as the product structure you sell, export markets, customer classification, sample order review, customer unit price, understanding of product basic knowledge, and customer source analysis.

Sales is a service industry, and those who win customers win the world. In the process of price negotiation, it is necessary to carefully calculate the quotation, actively solve the problems that arise, and confirm the documents with the documentary and the customer, customer maintenance, and company event marketing.

Regarding some problems in the business mentality, you should turn your attention back to yourself, tighten internally and loosen externally; goals must be clear, specific and timely review, determination and actions for change must be synchronized; sense of purpose must be strong; value you Communication with customers, first-class sales and selling products, second-rate sales and services, and third-rate sales and sales thinking; we need to abandon some orders and customers, and only if we have to give up.

Ok, see you next time

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