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Hello everyone, the editor of Beijing Dongke Company brings you another product introduction today. That is our wax industry chain.

One message we have always delivered to customers is that we provide customers with products across the entire industry chain. So which products are included in this industry chain?

First of all, we can divide our industrial chain into these parts:

The first category is wax raw materials for making candles.

So Beijing Dongke has a variety of wax products for customers to choose from: paraffin wax, soybean wax, jelly wax, coconut oil wax, palm wax, ice flower wax, beeswax and so on.

For example, paraffin wax is mainly used to make rod wax, soy wax is mainly used to make scented candles, coconut oil wax is often used in combination with soy wax to make mixed wax, and beeswax has two colors of yellow beeswax and white beeswax.

The second category is the machine used for candle making.

For pole wax, we have three types of candle machines, namely manual candle machines, semi-automatic candle machines and fully automatic candle machines.

We usually recommend candle machines according to the size and output requirements of the candles used by customers.

In addition, customers make small tea wax, and we have a series of candle machines specially used to produce tea wax.

In addition to a separate candle machine, we also have a fully automatic production line for the production of tea wax.

Finally, many of our customers produce scented candles. For scented candles, we have corresponding wax melting machines to recommend.

The third category is auxiliary materials.

Candle wicks are commonly used in the production of candles to aid combustion. Flavors are used to increase the fragrance of the candles.

A wax wick holder is used to fix the wax wick. When making pole wax, customers will use stearic acid (to make the candle whiter) and cotton thread wax core (to support combustion).

When making tea wax, small pots and cotton wax cores are usually used. When customers make scented candles, they usually use wax wicks (cotton/wood), dyes, fragrances, etc.

The fourth category is finished candles. We also sell a variety of finished candles for customers to choose from.

Ok, that’s it for today’s sharing. See you next time, bye!

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