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The main points of operation of soy wax when making craft candles:
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Frequently Asked Questions in the Process of Making Soy Wax Candles

Factors affecting the quality of soy wax cup wax mainly include soy wax raw materials, containers, dye/dye addition, wicks, pouring temperature, and working environment temperature.

The experiment is an essential step in mass production of soy wax products. Mass production can only be put into production after all index tests are qualified.

If there are difficulties in the production process, Dongke sincerely welcomes you to feedback the problems to our company, and we will help you solve them as soon as possible.

The following are the questions feedback from customers, I hope to help you.

1.Do I need to heat the glass before pouring?

Answer: No, just pouring at ambient temperature.

2.Do you need to add additives to soy wax?

Answer: There is no need to add any additives except for the dye and fragrance oil requested by the customer.

Our soy wax has good compatibility with dye and fragrance oil.

3.What type of wick is needed to make soy wax?

Answer: Soy wax of different sizes requires different specifications of wicks. This needs to consult with the wick supplier and try it out.

4.How to know in advance what color the candle will be after molding?

Answer: If it is in the molten state, it is difficult to determine the color of the final product.

You can take a small amount of wax liquid after adding dye and drop it on white paper or marble board. The color of the wax liquid after solidification is the color of the candle after molding.

5.Why do oil droplets sometimes appear on the surface of the candle?

Answer: You can try to reduce the amount of fragrance oil added or switch to soy wax with a higher melting point.

6.Why does soy wax sometimes collapse on its surface?

Answer: This phenomenon will occur if the pouring temperature is not properly controlled.

To ensure pouring at room temperature, the temperature of the glass cannot be lower than the ambient temperature.

Try pouring at different temperatures. We recommend pouring the wax liquid at 37-42°C.

In addition, you can use a hot air blower to melt the surface and recool it, or you can use hot wax liquid for secondary pouring.

The casted candle should be cooled slowly at room temperature, and the cooling cannot be accelerated by cold water or refrigerator.

The condition is better when the ambient temperature is 30°C.

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