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Paraffin candles
paraffin wax candles
paraffin wax candles

Bulk candle wax

The main raw material of candles is paraffin wax (C₂₅H₅₂). Paraffin wax is prepared by cold pressing or solvent dewaxing from waxy fractions of petroleum. It is a mixture of several higher alkanes, mainly n-docosane (C₂₂H46) and n-octadecane (C₂₈H₅₈), which contain about 85% carbon element and 14% hydrogen element.

The added auxiliary materials include white oil, stearic acid, polyethylene, flavors, etc. Among them, stearic acid (C₁₇H₃₅COOH) is mainly used to increase the softness, and the specific addition depends on the type of candle produced.

Candles are easy to melt, and the density is less than that of water and difficult to dissolve in water. It melts into liquid when heated, is colorless and transparent, and is slightly volatile when heated, and the peculiar smell of paraffin can be smelled. When cold, it solidifies into a white solid with a slight special smell.

According to the shape, candles can be generally divided into extruded cylindrical wax, pointed bamboo wax, torch wax, floating wax, round head wax, flat head wax, etc. There are also many colors. These candles are more delicate in use, such as pointed bamboo wax. They are suitable for being placed on candlesticks during meals and placed in the middle of the dining table. They are especially commonly used in Western food. If the home decoration is European style, it can also be placed in the living room. Decorations.

Floating wax is commonly found in bars. Pour water in a container and place the wax on the water. It will float on the water. It has a special mood under the dim candlelight. Bleaching wax is often used in young people’s homes, especially in couples’ rooms. Not only can you use sharp bamboo wax for candlelit dinners, but also bleaching wax will bring good results.

The main raw material for candle production is paraffin, the auxiliary du raw material is stearic acid, and the trace raw materials include beeswax, flavors, pigments, metal salts, etc.

Put paraffin wax, stearic acid and trace chemicals in an aluminum pot to melt them, pour them into a mold pre-coated with oil and a candle wick. Before pouring, fill the water tank of the candle maker with cold water, and Make it circulate and promote its condensation. After condensing, cut off the candle wick.

Ordinary white candles do not require ingredients and are made of paraffin wax at around 55 degrees. With the development of science and technology, there is no black smoke, no tears, no dust, burning resistance, high brightness candles, no softness in summer, no bending candles, mosquito repellent candles, scented candles, craft candles, colored candles, colored flame candles, etc. All kinds of candles should be born far away.

   1. No black smoke, high brightness candle: The candle wick should be made of pure white cotton thread. The pure white cotton thread is bleached with bleaching powder, and the candle will not emit black smoke after being lit, and the brightness will be great. If the cotton thread is not bleached and contains impurities, there will be a lot of black smoke after the candle is lit, and it will not be bright.

   2. No tears, no dust, burn-resistant candles: After the bleached wax core cord is soaked in chemical raw materials, the candles made are no tears, no dust, and burn-resistant. The following introduces three chemical raw material formulas for soaking wax core wires, each of which can be used alone.

Before making candles, the wax core wires soaked in chemical materials must be burnt. It can also be dried in a ventilated and dry place, but not exposed to sunlight, so as to prevent the chemical mixture from causing physical and chemical reactions and losing its effect.

  3. Candles that do not soften and bend in summer: Candles made of paraffin wax tend to be soft and bend in summer, and the candles melt quickly after being lit. Candles made according to the following formula will not be soft, bend and burn.

   The wax oil formula (by weight) of this candle is 10 parts paraffin wax and 2-3 parts stearic acid. 10 parts paraffin, 2-3 parts stearic acid.

   It should be noted that stearic acid should not be added too much, otherwise the wax oil will melt too slowly and the wax will not shine.

  4. Scented candles: Mix 200 grams of B-cyclodextrin, 600 ml of water, and 20 grams of lavender (also can be substituted for flavor), then mix for three hours. The taken-out inclusions are vacuum-dried or spray-dried into powdered chemical inclusions under the condition of 60°C (the temperature should not be too high, otherwise the fragrance will deteriorate) (unconditionally, other methods can be used to dry into powders). Store the powdered chemical package in a ventilated and dry place for later use. In the production of candles, the powdered chemical package is put into the dissolved candle manufacturing materials and mixed well, and the scented candle can be made into the mold of the pouring machine.

  The dosage of the powdered chemical package is generally 1-3% of the candle raw material.

  The candles made by this method are still scented normally after being stored for more than half a year, and emit different scents according to the different spices used. Since individuals and small candle manufacturers do not have drying equipment, they can use the local method to produce powdered chemical packages. Although the effect is less, it also has a certain fragrance effect. Take 100 g of B-cyclodextrin and 300 ml of water, add 10 g of lavender after stirring, and evaporate in a pot until it dries into a powdered chemical package. It can be stored for later use. But the dosage is generally increased to about 5%.

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