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What should we pay attention to when using polycarboxylate superplasticizer?
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As we all know, polycarboxylate superplasticizer is an important cement admixture, which can meet the specified consistency requirements, improve the quality of concrete, increase hydration efficiency, reduce water consumption, prevent concrete segregation components; improve impermeability, Avoid leakage of concrete building structure, avoid leakage of concrete building structure, increase durability and resistance to chemical corrosion; reduce concrete solidification shrinkage, prevent concrete members from cracking; improve frost resistance is beneficial to winter construction, which is why so many buildings are under construction Why use this product.

Water reducing agent is an additive that can reduce the necessary unit water consumption in concrete, meet the specified consistency requirements, and improve the workability of concrete. The main functions of water reducers are as follows: improve hydration efficiency, reduce unit water consumption, increase strength and save cement consumption; improve the workability of unset concrete, prevent concrete segregation; improve impermeability, reduce water permeability, and avoid concrete Water leakage in the building structure increases durability and resistance to chemical corrosion; reduces the solidification shrinkage of concrete and prevents cracks in concrete components; improving frost resistance is beneficial to winter construction. In the preparation process of concrete, mortar and pure slurry, a small amount of a product (not exceeding 5% of the amount of cement) that can change the properties of concrete, mortar or pure slurry is added, called a concrete admixture. Adding appropriate admixtures to concrete can improve concrete quality, improve concrete performance, reduce concrete water consumption, save cement, reduce costs, and speed up construction progress。

Water reducing agents are also called plasticizers or dispersants. When mixing concrete, adding an appropriate amount of water-reducing agent can make the cement particles uniformly dispersed, and at the same time release the water wrapped by the cement particles, which can significantly reduce the water consumption of the concrete. The function of water reducing agent is to improve the workability of concrete while keeping the mix ratio of concrete unchanged; or to reduce water consumption and increase the strength of concrete while keeping the workability unchanged; or to keep the strength unchanged In the case of reducing cement consumption, saving cement and reducing costs. At the same time, after adding the water reducing agent, the concrete is more uniform and dense, and a series of physical and chemical properties such as impermeability, frost resistance and erosion resistance are improved, and the durability of the concrete is improved. In the past, the water-reducing agents used in hydraulic concrete were generally ordinary water-reducing agents, such as pulp waste liquid, wood calcium, molasses, etc. The water-reducing rate was not high, generally between 5%-10%. With the improvement of hydraulic concrete quality requirements, the quality requirements of water reducing agents are also getting higher and higher. Naphthalene-based superplasticizers are widely used in Ertan, Three Gorges, and other large hydropower projects, with water reduction rates as high as 20% ~ 30%. It is mainly used to prepare high-strength, high-fluidity concrete or concrete that needs to greatly reduce water consumption. High-efficiency water-reducing agent can obviously improve the efficiency of cement effect, saving cement consumption by about 20%. The water consumption of granite artificial aggregate concrete in the Three Gorges Project is as high as 110 kg/m3. The optimized ZB-1A superplasticizer is mixed with DH9 air-entraining agent and grade I fly ash, and the water consumption is reduced to about 85 kg/m3, reaching the advanced level at home and abroad. X404 is an acrylic superplasticizer with a high water reduction rate. It is also used in the Three Gorges Project with a water reduction rate of over 30%. However, this superplasticizer is expensive and is mainly used for high-strength concrete.

Based on the design method of function controllable and amphiphilic matching, by adjusting the grafting density of polyoxyethylene and side chain carboxyl groups, introducing sulfonic acid groups, increasing the electrostatic repulsion effect, and improving the performance of water reducers; using chain transfer technology, Effectively control the long-chain molecular weight, achieve the balance of water reduction and slump retention, and effectively reduce the viscosity of the concrete system and increase fluidity; use active monomers to improve polymerization efficiency and conversion rate; use low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis technology to improve production efficiency and reduce energy Consume.

1. The polycarboxylic acid admixture has a low alkali content, which is beneficial to improve the durability of concrete without increasing the shrinkage of concrete.

2. Through the performance test of the concrete mixture, the polycarboxylate superplasticizer has better dispersibility and plastic retention than the naphthalene-based water reducer, and solves the poor retention of concrete slump that is difficult to solve by traditional admixtures The problem.

3. Through the performance test of hardened concrete, polycarboxylic acid water reducer has a large water reduction rate and good reinforcement effect. It can reduce the amount of cement and increase the amount of admixtures, greatly reduce the chloride ion diffusion coefficient of concrete, and improve the durability of concrete Sex.

4. Polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent is a safe, green and environmentally friendly product.

The application range of the product is:

1. Various industrial and civil buildings and commercial concrete mixing plants

2. It is suitable for preparing various grades of commercial concrete and ready-mixed cast-in-situ concrete for various industrial and civil buildings

3. After compounding, it can be widely used in major national projects, such as high-speed railways, nuclear power water conservancy, airport railway tunnels, etc.

The above are the product characteristics and applicable scope of polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer. The processing level of the superplasticizer is constantly rising, and the water reduction rate has also been improved, which saves a lot of water resources for the construction industry and adopts active monomers. Improve polymerization efficiency and conversion rate; use low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis technology to improve production efficiency and reduce product energy consumption.

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Dongke produce both liquid and powder polycarboxylate superplasticizer, and for sample testing we can offer free sample for 500-1000 grams. For any details you may need you can just send us inquiry and left your email address or what’s app number, and then the professional sales team will offer info and arrange samples.

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