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What is superplasticizer?
polycarboxylate superplasticizer
What Is Plasticizer in Concrete?

How do superplasticizer work?

Concrete admixture means that after mixing, it can reduce the water demand of concrete while maintaining the basic consistency of circulation, thereby improving the compressive strength and performance of concrete, or the amount of concrete used and the water-cement ratio of concrete will not change Under the current situation, it is an admixture that enhances the circulation of concrete and improves the workability of concrete projects.

1. Moisturizing effect: The optically active hydrophilic ester group in the admixture is directionally adsorbed on the surface of the concrete particles, and it is very easy to associate with oxygen molecules by covalent bonding. The interaction force of this type of covalent bond association far exceeds the molecular structure attraction between oxygen molecules and concrete particles. When the concrete particles absorb sufficient admixtures, by virtue of the association effect of the covalent bond between R-SO3θ and oxygen molecules, coupled with the covalent bond association between the oxygen molecules, a smooth organic solvation is produced on the surface of the concrete particles Shrinking water, this layer of film has a three-dimensional maintenance effect, blocking the immediate contact between the concrete particles, and moisturizing the particles.

2. Moisture effect: After the concrete is mixed with water, the surface of the particles will be moistened by the water. The moisture condition is very harmful to the characteristics of the freshly mixed concrete. When the external diffusion of moisture is of course completed, the surface layer can be measured by the formula clearly proposed by Glbbs The total amount of free energy reduction.

3. Water reducing effect. After adding high-efficiency water-reducing agent to the concrete of goods, the water-cement ratio of concrete can be significantly reduced while maintaining the standard of circulation. The water reduction rate of high-efficiency admixtures reaches 10%-25%, while the water-reduction rate of general admixtures is 5%-15%. The high-efficiency water-reducing agent is also famous. The key to the water-reducing effect is the absorption and dispersion effect of the concrete admixture.

4. Melting effect. After the concrete is mixed with admixtures, the liquidity can be improved while maintaining the water-cement ratio of the concrete unchanged. The general admixture can expand the slump of fresh goods by about 10cm while maintaining the amount of concrete usage. High-efficiency admixtures can be configured to produce concrete with a slump of more than 25cm.

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