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Concrete Additives
What is superplasticizer?

Difference Between Plasticizer and Superplasticizer?

Plasticizers are widely used polymer additives in industrial production. Any substance added to a polymer material that can increase the plasticity of the polymer is called a plasticizer. The use of plasticizers can improve the performance of polymer materials, reduce production costs, and increase production efficiency. It is an important type of chemical product additive, which is commonly used as an auxiliary in plastic products, concrete, plaster, cement, gypsum, cosmetics and cleaning agents.

Plasticizers are generally polar or partially polar in structure, and are high-boiling, hardly volatile liquids with good miscibility with polymers or low-melting solids. The plasticizer is distributed between the macromolecular chains, which can reduce the intermolecular force, reduce the viscosity of the polymer, and enhance the flexibility. Plasticizers are divided into two categories: primary and secondary plasticizers. The role of the primary plasticizer is to be well compatible with the resin. Its low permeability and low volatility can improve plasticization efficiency.

High-efficiency water-reducing agent, the appearance of which is divided into water agent and powder, is an admixture that can reduce the necessary unit water consumption in concrete and improve its workability under the requirements of the specified consistency of concrete. It is mainly divided into three types: water-reducing water-reducing agent, slump-preserving water-reducing agent and early-strength water-reducing agent, and because of its simple preparation and low cost, it is widely used in various construction projects.

Water reduction:

High-efficiency water-reducing agent has obvious effect on improving the use efficiency of cement, which can save about 20% of cement consumption, greatly improving the compactness and hardness of cement-based materials, and increasing its fluidity.


High-efficiency water-reducing agent can delay the setting and hardening time of concrete, which is convenient for construction, can slow down the hydration speed of concrete slurry, prolong the hydration heat release process, and is beneficial to the temperature control of large-volume concrete.


The superplasticizer contains a surface-active substance, which is one of the commonly used admixtures for concrete. It can enable the concrete to introduce a large number of evenly closed small bubbles from the atmosphere during the mixing process, so that the concrete contains a certain amount of air. It can improve the bleeding and segregation of concrete, reduce the permeability of concrete, and improve the anti-erosion ability of concrete.

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