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Concrete admixture
What is admixture in concrete?
Difference Between Plasticizer and Superplasticizer?

types of admixtures used in concrete

According to (GB8075-87) classification bai, concrete admixtures can be divided into four categories according to their main functions:

1. Additives to improve the rheological properties of concrete mixtures: including various water-reducing agents, air-entraining agents and pumping agents.

2. Additives for adjusting concrete setting time and hardening performance: including retarder, early strength agent, quick setting agent, etc.

3. Additives to improve the durability of concrete: including air-entraining agents, waterproofing agents, and rust inhibitors.

4. Additives to improve other properties of concrete: including air-entraining agents, expansion agents, antifreeze agents, colorants, waterproofing agents and pumping agents.

According to (GB8075-87) the naming and definition of additives, the additives can be divided into 16 names, and their respective definitions are as follows:

1. Ordinary water-reducing agent: an additive that can reduce the amount of water used for mixing under the same conditions of concrete slump;

2. Early strength agent: an additive that accelerates the early strength development of concrete;

3. Retarder: an additive that prolongs the setting time of concrete;

4. Air-entraining agent: an admixture that can introduce a large number of evenly distributed, stable and closed tiny bubbles in the process of mixing concrete;

5. High-efficiency water-reducing agent: an additive that can greatly reduce the water consumption of the mixture under the same conditions of concrete collapse;

6. Early strength water reducing agent: a water reducing agent with both early strength and water reducing function;

7. Retarding and water-reducing agent: water-reducing agent with both functions of retarding and water-reducing;

8. Air-entraining water-reducing agent: an additive with both air-entraining and water-reducing functions;

9. Waterproofing agent: an additive that can reduce the permeability of concrete under hydrostatic pressure;

10. Rust inhibitor: an additive that can inhibit or reduce the corrosion of steel bars or other embedded metals in concrete

The very common use types of superplasticizer liquid: DK-100 for water reduce,DK-200 for slump retention,DK-101 for early strength, DK-104 for combination.

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