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This article will concrete common quality problems,prevention and control measures summarized out, will be helpful to everyone!There are many What should we do, if the wall has holes.The reason why as below.

1.The surface of the broad is rough and sticky with dry concrete, add Concrete additives before the concrete is not wet enough, or formwork seam is not blocked, pouring and pounding, and formwork contact part of the concrete with Polycarboxylate acid SuperPlasticizer loss too much water or sliding slurry, concrete is dry and hard state, so that the surface of concrete formed a lot of small concave points.

2, concrete mixing time is short, add water is not allowed, concrete workability is poor, concrete cast some place mortar less stone more, the formation of honeycomb.

3, concrete casting is not layered casting, improper feeding, resulting in concrete segregation, thus honeycomb surface. And concrete poured into the vibration quality poor or leakage vibration, resulting in honeycomb surface.

Pockmark mainly affects the appearance, should be repaired, will be pockmark part of wet water slurry or cement mortar wipe flat. If it is a small honeycomb, can be cleaned with water first, with 1:2 or 2:5 Concrete chemicals polyether Monomer Water Reducer repair; If it is a big beehive, remove the loose stones first, wash them clean with water and get soaked, and then use the fine stone concrete with a higher grade to tamp and strengthen the maintenance. If it is a hole, to be studied by the relevant personnel, the formulation of reinforcement program, can be dealt with.

· Excellent performance in dispersion and good slump retention
· Good compatibility with various concrete material components
· Low application dosage and contraction rate
· No corrosion effects
· Environmentally friendly, as required by corresponding ISO14001 standards and regulations

Method of Use
· Recommended dosage: 0.2~0.8% of comenting material
· Concrete test in advance necessary for optimal dosage confirmation
· Do NOT use with naphthalene concrete dispersants simultaneously
· Compatibility test necessary in case of other concrete additives being used in combination

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