DKG-600:Solid Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer
DKG-600:Solid Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer
Type:Concrete Admixture Industry

Scale-type polycarboxylate superplasticizer is produced by several procedures including mother-liquid, vacuum dewatering and cooling down to scale. All the index can meet the standards of GB 8076-2008 Concrete admixtures, as well as high performance and cost-effective. It is one of our independently developed concrete admixture products.

Devided by raw material, including:

1) Using polyoxyethylene methyl allyl ether as raw material, such as T4-43, T4-43H20.

2) Using isopentenol polyoxyethylene ether as raw material, such as T5-43, T5-23, T5-43H20.

Devided by function, including:

1) High rate water-reducing type, such as T4-43, T5-43.

2) Slump retention type, such as T4-43H20, T5-43H20.

3) High density graft retention type, such as T5-23.

In a word, they all share some same faetures: only low usage will realize high water-reducing rate, small concrete slump loss and a good adaptability for cement. On the same time, our product will save transport cost and simplify the storage.

  Detail information

 1. Character

    - It costs only 10 min to dissolve into liquid in the condition of stir and 10 ℃.

    - Free from alkali and C1, no corrosion for rebar.

    - Icing point of 40% liquid is 5 ℃.

    - Using amount of gel mixture 0.20%~0.40.

    - When using amount of gel mixture 0.20%~0.30%, air entraining content 2.0%~2.5%.

2. Quality Specification

Appearance White solid
Softing point 45 
Active ingredient content


Water solution PH 3.0-4.0

 3. Application

Wide suitability in portland cement, nomal portland cement, slag cement and flysah cement.

4. Storage and Packing

 1) This product should be stored in shady and cool place, avoiding long time sunshine, The shelf life is 36           months in the condition of dry and 40 below.

 2) Applying lining from woven bag as packing, 25kg/bag for net weight; customized package is also                         accepted.

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