Concrete Admixture Industry
We produce new material of high performance polycarboxylate water reducer products, DK-1088, DK1089, DK-108. This products can make polycarboxylate water reducer much higher W/B ratio, shringkage and creep; low-alka-li, low foaming, and low consumption.
Candle Industry
In order to provide better service to our customer, we add a whole set of candle making raw material, candle making machine and skill help. For candle industry, we can kindly provide you paraffin wax, candle making machine, wicks and so on products.
Li-ion Battery Industry
Ethyl Methyl Carbonate(EMC), Diethyl Carbonate(DEC), Dimethyl Carbonate(DMC) is the raw material for making li-ion battery solution. It is a new green chemical products with no poison, higher conversion, and eutectic characteristic.

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